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I’m back from a work trip to Cameroon, and newly appreciating what a privilege it is to get clean, drinkable water from a tap. 27/5/2018
Just to be clear, I strongly disapprove of using wolves to line anything, or stealing down from swans. 13/5/2018
This week, I have been planning how to sew 19th Century-inspired clothes, without looking like a costume drama extra. 13/5/2018
Uh oh: I’ve been tinkering with text editors again, this time playing with neovim. 28/4/2018
I’m back from a holiday in North Norfolk, and have just finished the enjoyable task of processing my photos and putting them up on my photoblog. 7/4/2018
Woohoo! 25/3/2018
I’m off down a rabbit hole, finding out Orkney names for birds, inspired by Erland Cooper’s album ‘Solan Goose’. 24/3/2018
I’ve written about my new photoblog: https://d. 18/3/2018
Enjoying an iPad 2/3/2018
I’ve made some jeans and written about jeans, sewing, and Suffragettes. 11/2/2018
This week I have been playing with my Pandoc setup, and using Pandocomatic and Scrivomatic: 10/12/2017
I’m enjoying Forklift 3 (a Finder replacement), and have written a quick review: https://d. 19/11/2017
I’ve written (in a rather rambling way) about my memories of Bristol, and finding a lost dog. 22/10/2017
My latest sewing marathon, making my outfit for a wedding. 9/9/2017
I made a bow tie for Mr Bsag yesterday at his request, and learned how to tie one. 5/9/2017
I’m on holiday at last! 5/9/2017
I’ve tinkered a bit with the a permalink so for Blot and adjusted my Zaps accordingly. 31/8/2017
I’ve switched my Slipstream blog to use Blot! 27/8/2017
I had a student in my office at work who looked at the tapes on my shelves and said, with a note of wonder, “Are those VHSs? 30/6/2017
Nesting blackbirds 26/5/2017
Finding my style 20/5/2017
Unexploded bomb shuts Aston Expressway - BBC News 15/5/2017
In theory, I’ve hooked together my micro. 14/5/2017
Golden trees 13/1/2016
This chap was also wearing a sparkling clean white shirt, so grappling with my grubby bike was beyond the call of duty. 19/8/2015
I got a puncture in my rear bike tyre this morning. 19/8/2015
Shoving your nose into an newly-opened bag of coffee beans and inhaling deeply really is one of life’s great pleasures. 23/7/2015
It’s graduation day today. 8/7/2015
World’s dullest game 5/7/2015
The delightful thing about having shiny bike rims is that you glance down on a sunny day and see the wheel glitter as it turns. 30/6/2015
Jonathan Strange 28/6/2015
Moving from Tumblr 17/9/2012
Many people believe geekdom is defined by a love of a thing, but I think — and my experience of geekdom bears on this thinking — that the true sign of a geek is a delight in sharing a thing. It’s the major difference between a geek and a hipster, you know: When a hipster sees someone else grooving o… 30/7/2012
Madame Vastra 5/6/2011
A small medallion—discovered tightly crumpled around a screw in a World War II British Hawker Hurricane Mk. 28/3/2008