Aber Mawr beach 12/9/2018
Aber Mawr beach 12/9/2018
Aber Mawr beach 12/9/2018
Trefin to Abercastle coast path 12/9/2018
Carreg Samson 12/9/2018
Trefin to Abercastle coast path 12/9/2018
Trefin to Abercastle coast path 12/9/2018
Porthgain harbour 12/9/2018
Porthgain harbour 12/9/2018
Porthgain harbour 12/9/2018
Porthgain harbour 12/9/2018
Porthgain harbour 12/9/2018
Porthgain harbour 12/9/2018
Porthgain harbour 12/9/2018
Trefin coast path 12/9/2018
Trefin coast path 12/9/2018
Trefin coast path 12/9/2018
I’m back from a work trip to Cameroon, and newly appreciating what a privilege it is to get clean, drinkable water from a tap. 27/5/2018
Just to be clear, I strongly disapprove of using wolves to line anything, or stealing down from swans. 13/5/2018
This week, I have been planning how to sew 19th Century-inspired clothes, without looking like a costume drama extra. 13/5/2018
Uh oh: I’ve been tinkering with text editors again, this time playing with neovim. 28/4/2018
Patternsy 8/4/2018
Brooklyn, 2015 - ★★★★ 8/4/2018
I’m back from a holiday in North Norfolk, and have just finished the enjoyable task of processing my photos and putting them up on my photoblog. 7/4/2018
The Circle, 2017 - ★½ 26/3/2018
Woohoo! 25/3/2018
I’m off down a rabbit hole, finding out Orkney names for birds, inspired by Erland Cooper’s album ‘Solan Goose’. 24/3/2018
I’ve written about my new photoblog: https://d. 18/3/2018
The Death of Stalin, 2017 - ★★★★ 5/3/2018
Small b blogging 2/3/2018
Enjoying an iPad 2/3/2018
The Dresser, 2015 - ★★★★★ 26/2/2018
I’ve made some jeans and written about jeans, sewing, and Suffragettes. 11/2/2018
A Man Called Ove, 2015 - ★★★★ 21/1/2018
Bianca 1/1/2018
A Pocket of Wind Resistance by Karine Polwart and Pippa Murphy 24/12/2017
The Nice Guys, 2016 - ★★★★ 11/12/2017
This week I have been playing with my Pandoc setup, and using Pandocomatic and Scrivomatic: 10/12/2017
Quicksilver (The Baroque Cycle, #1) by Neal Stephenson 21/11/2017
I’m enjoying Forklift 3 (a Finder replacement), and have written a quick review: https://d. 19/11/2017
Wonder Woman, 2017 - ★★★★★ 19/11/2017
The Other Boleyn Girl, 2008 - ★★★ 19/11/2017
The Duchess, 2008 - ★★★★ 5/11/2017
Spy, 2015 - ★★★ 5/11/2017
I’ve written (in a rather rambling way) about my memories of Bristol, and finding a lost dog. 22/10/2017
Arrival, 2016 - ★★★★½ 15/10/2017
The Young Offenders, 2016 - ★★★★★ 15/10/2017
The Lunchbox, 2013 - ★★★★★ 1/10/2017
Bobowler by Liz Berry 1/10/2017
View from Brandon Hill Park, Bristol 1/10/2017
Yurt Lush veggie breakfast! 30/9/2017
Using Alfred to start a Blot draft 24/9/2017
I’m So Excited!, 2013 - ★★★★ 24/9/2017
New post about my recent visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum: http://d. 17/9/2017
Ladilikan by Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet 17/9/2017
Embrace of the Serpent, 2015 - ★★★★★ 17/9/2017
Amazing, it works! 17/9/2017
If this posts, then I can now post from Alfred to Blot with Zapier! 17/9/2017
My latest sewing marathon, making my outfit for a wedding. 9/9/2017
I made a bow tie for Mr Bsag yesterday at his request, and learned how to tie one. 5/9/2017
I’m on holiday at last! 5/9/2017
I’ve tinkered a bit with the a permalink so for Blot and adjusted my Zaps accordingly. 31/8/2017
Lovely Alan 31/8/2017
New post: Using Zapier to post to Blot 28/8/2017
The Levelling, 2016 - ★★★★ 27/8/2017
I’ve switched my Slipstream blog to use Blot! 27/8/2017
The Little Death, 2014 - ★★★½ 27/8/2017
New post: Netlify 19/8/2017
Netlify: All-in-one-platform for automating modern web projects 15/8/2017
Allied, 2016 - ★★★★ 13/8/2017
New post: Borobudur Temple 7/8/2017
The Lost City of Z, 2016 - ★★★ 6/8/2017
Designing a RESTful API using Flask-RESTful - 1/8/2017
View from Borobudur Temple 30/7/2017
A Quiet Passion, 2016 - ★★★★½ 30/7/2017
Passionflower 29/7/2017
Two Scoops of Django 1.11 13/7/2017
New post: Using Huginn 11/7/2017
Juggernaut: a new sequel to The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Eamonn Martin Griffin 10/7/2017
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, 2016 - ★★★ 9/7/2017
How to make a Flask blog in one hour or less 9/7/2017
Water and roses 8/7/2017 8/7/2017
The Salesman, 2016 - ★★★★ 4/7/2017
Rams, 2015 - ★★★★ 4/7/2017
Roses 4/7/2017
I had a student in my office at work who looked at the tapes on my shelves and said, with a note of wonder, “Are those VHSs? 30/6/2017
Wake Up, Sir! by Jonathan Ames 26/6/2017
The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker 26/6/2017
Toni Erdmann, 2016 - ★★★½ 26/6/2017
juliana strangelove 20/6/2017
Closeup of the double gauze: kitties! 18/6/2017
Kalle @closetcase. 18/6/2017
New post: Kalle and Flint 17/6/2017
Megan Nielsen Flint trousers 17/6/2017
Everlasting Moments, 2008 - ★★★½ 11/6/2017
Doctor Strange, 2016 - ★★★½ 6/6/2017
Bella 1/6/2017
Hunt for the Wilderpeople, 2016 - ★★★★★ 29/5/2017
Café Society, 2016 - ★★★ 29/5/2017
Nesting blackbirds 26/5/2017
Prepping lovely fabric (cotton lawn from Clothspot) to make #kalleshirtdress over the weekend. 25/5/2017
New post: Slipstream and 21/5/2017
Hull harbour 21/5/2017
Ant-Man, 2015 - ★★★★ 21/5/2017
Finding my style 20/5/2017
The Deep, Hull 18/5/2017
Unexploded bomb shuts Aston Expressway - BBC News 15/5/2017
New post: The Peregrine by J.A. Baker 14/5/2017 14/5/2017
Sunday #cats 14/5/2017
Sun bear and colourful orangutan 14/5/2017
Paterson, 2016 - ★★★★★ 14/5/2017
In theory, I’ve hooked together my micro. 14/5/2017
A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers 14/4/2017
Suffragette (2015) 29/5/2016
Locke (2013) 29/5/2016
A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson 13/5/2016
The Red Moth by Sam Eastland 13/5/2016
Scorper by Rob Magnuson Smith 13/5/2016
Ack-Ack Macaque by Gareth L. Powell 13/5/2016
She can't see a bag or box without wanting to be in it 12/3/2016
Berberian Sound Studio (2012) 12/3/2016
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman 6/2/2016
H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald 29/1/2016
Golden trees 13/1/2016
Comes a Bright Day (2012) 10/1/2016
The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett 2/1/2016
Bianca likes to help connect up hifi 2/1/2016
Untangling the Tale of Ada Lovelace—Stephen Wolfram Blog 23/12/2015
Git, Push to Deploy & Hugo - Bradley Falzon 23/12/2015
Everything Changes by Peggy Seeger 22/12/2015
The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie R. King 22/11/2015
Man of Steel (2013) 24/10/2015
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) 20/10/2015
The Eve of St Agnes. - Harry Cory Wright 28/9/2015
A Little Chaos (2014) 25/9/2015
The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013) 12/9/2015
The Duke of Burgundy (2014) 29/8/2015
This chap was also wearing a sparkling clean white shirt, so grappling with my grubby bike was beyond the call of duty. 19/8/2015
I got a puncture in my rear bike tyre this morning. 19/8/2015 ‒ Beautiful calculator for Mac 18/8/2015
Dodger by Terry Pratchett 18/8/2015
The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories by Susanna Clarke 2/8/2015
X+Y (2014) 1/8/2015
Pride (2014) 1/8/2015
Shoving your nose into an newly-opened bag of coffee beans and inhaling deeply really is one of life’s great pleasures. 23/7/2015
Appropriate Behavior (2014) 18/7/2015
Social Issues: A Woman in Uniform 17/7/2015
It’s graduation day today. 8/7/2015
World’s dullest game 5/7/2015
Gallery : Field Cycles 5/7/2015
Love is Strange (2014) 4/7/2015
Orchid 3/7/2015
Lamentation by C.J. Sansom 1/7/2015
The delightful thing about having shiny bike rims is that you glance down on a sunny day and see the wheel glitter as it turns. 30/6/2015
The Gravedigger by Rob Magnuson Smith 29/6/2015
She's sleeping on clean laundry, as ever 28/6/2015
Mortdecai (2015) 28/6/2015
Jonathan Strange 28/6/2015
Jen? Don’t come in here for a bit. 28/6/2015
An introduction to Magit, an Emacs mode for Git - Mastering Emacs 28/6/2015
Moving from Tumblr 17/9/2012
Male Affection: A Photographic History Tour | The Art of Manliness 13/8/2012
BBC Two - The Great British Story: A People’s History, Industry and Empire 4/8/2012
Many people believe geekdom is defined by a love of a thing, but I think — and my experience of geekdom bears on this thinking — that the true sign of a geek is a delight in sharing a thing. It’s the major difference between a geek and a hipster, you know: When a hipster sees someone else grooving o… 30/7/2012
This is a 57 second gem of comedy timing. Absolutely perfect. 28/7/2012
humanæ 8/7/2012
It’s funny how your appreciation of a piece of art changes once you know more about the artist’s inspiration for that piece. I watched a wonderful BBC Four documentary about Delius last night. I knew very little about Delius before the programme, and although I had heard a few of his pieces and liked them, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of his repertoire. The documentary made me think that I should certainly seek out more of his work: he was a fascinating character (if not always a likeable person), and his music was rather avant-garde for the time. 7/7/2012
Stats Chat 6/7/2012
The Starter 16/5/2012 - Data Visualization made Fast, Fun and Easy 31/12/2011
Brew Methods — Home 27/11/2011
Screenfly by QuirkTools — Test Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions 24/10/2011
A Low Impact Woodland Home 1/10/2011
Jedi Kittens Strike Back (by FinalCutKing) 18/9/2011
Quick Tip: This command line trick is tops - Brett Terpstra 7/9/2011
This is wonderful. I love listening to stories like this and Cherie Johnson and James Ransom tell their story really well. The animation is a perfect complement too. 24/8/2011
A rare Sand Cat kitten has been born at a zoo in Israel. These are such beautiful cats - I love the two stripes on their legs. 13/8/2011
org-mode In Your Pocket Is a GNU-Shaped Devil :: dot unplanned 12/8/2011
My Name Is Me | Supporting your freedom to choose the name you use on social networks and other online services. 3/8/2011
Bella loves my Magic Trackpad (Taken with instagram) 1/8/2011
Dancing carrot (Taken with instagram) 31/7/2011
Someone is enjoying the sun in the conservatory (Taken with instagram) 31/7/2011
Strawberries! (Taken with instagram) 24/7/2011
Cornflowers (Taken with instagram) 24/7/2011
Red Sweater Blog — Restore Safari’s Downloads Keyboard Shortcut 23/7/2011
Tips and Tricks for Keyboard Maestro 17/7/2011
Marked: MultiMarkdown preview, everywhere 13/7/2011
Gooseberry jam to-be (Taken with instagram) 9/7/2011
Very excited about my tomatoes! (Taken with instagram) 9/7/2011
He or she is a handsome devil. And that’s a great portrait. I would love to know if the composition of the photo is the original, because it’s just about perfect. 6/7/2011
What I love about this is that the dove is performing a courtship display towards the cat. It could not barking up a more inappropriate tree… as it were. It is also a phenomenally patient and tolerant cat. 3/7/2011
chrisjackson:This is beautiful. You should really watch/listen to this 1/7/2011
I’ve loved this song for a while (particularly for Eliza Carthy’s wonderful voice, but also for the 1950s ‘spacey’ sounds), but this compilation of women in sci-fi TV shows and films makes it even better. You can have fun spotting the clips, too. I was glad to see some Blake 7 clips as well as Farscape. 12/6/2011
marcovhv: 11/6/2011
Madame Vastra 5/6/2011
Whiskers in forward attack mode (Taken with instagram) 5/6/2011
extradite.vim: a git commit browser 5/6/2011
Bells sitting on my desk (Taken with instagram) 4/6/2011
A Web-to-Evernote Workflow that Works Everywhere 30/5/2011
What was I just saying about curious cats? 26/5/2011
Professor Elemental - Cup of Brown Joy 21/5/2011
Peony (Taken with instagram) 10/5/2011
Golden eye (Taken with instagram) 7/5/2011
Safari Pinboard Extension // chipwreck 4/5/2011
Subtle Patterns | High quality patterns for your next web project 2/5/2011
PopSearch - Safari Extensions by Canisbos 17/4/2011
Just awesome. I could watch those leg-raises and leg-waives forever. The techni-coloured abdomen flap is the icing on the cake. Jumping spiders are brilliant. 16/4/2011
Halo (Taken with instagram) 9/4/2011
Handspring Puppet Company: The genius puppetry behind War Horse (by TEDtalksDirector) 3/4/2011
Solarized - 1/4/2011
Nest of cat toys (Taken with instagram) 1/4/2011
Well, would you look at that. 27/3/2011
Spring! (Taken with instagram) 19/3/2011
Pinboard CSS style - Brett Terpstra 17/3/2011
25 Pictures Of Cats And Dogs Photobombing Each Other 17/3/2011
A List Apart: Articles: CSS Floats 101 10/3/2011
Terminally Geeky: use automatic login more securely 9/3/2011
It’s always a lazy Sunday if you’re a cat (Taken with instagram) 6/3/2011
The Maytals - Monkey Man (via minknx) 26/2/2011
defective yeti — Darwinian Valentines 14/2/2011
Bianca loves the sleeping bag (Taken with instagram) 13/2/2011
2D Goggles | Dangerous experiments in comics 12/2/2011
Comic: Young Ada Lovelace 12/2/2011
PTLens 9/2/2011
TrackChanges - Collaborative editing in LaTeX 9/2/2011
Sublime Blog Sublime Text 2: Public Alpha 6/2/2011
earth and living: viking shoes: a tutorial, sort of 5/2/2011
Amazing sky this morning (Taken with instagram) 2/2/2011
Breakfast reading. Yes, Bianca is sitting on a laptop. (Taken with instagram) 28/1/2011
Drawing Cats: Guide to Colors by `Cedarseed on deviantART 16/1/2011
Bianca loves nesting in the sleeping bag (Taken with instagram) 15/1/2011
carlhuda/janus - GitHub 12/1/2011
Working with a jeweller and the vinyl record manufacturer Dubstudios, I created this engagement ring for my partner Shelina. The ring has a 20 second recorded message (my proposal) etched onto it’s surface and can be played back with a miniature record player. 9/1/2011
The Archers 3/1/2011
Moody skies (Taken with instagram) 2/1/2011
Snuggled (Taken with instagram) 22/12/2010
A little Strongspace bash-fu | Strongspace Blog 22/12/2010
The wise men were in the kitchen making more cocktails while Jesus was being “born” and they missed their cue. My mom ran into the kitchen and yelled “Jesus is here!” to which the wise men responded “Oh! Right! Shit. Hang in there, Jesus! We’re coming!! ” 22/12/2010
Icicles (Taken with instagram) 22/12/2010
Good and Bad Procrastination 19/12/2010
Laden (Taken with instagram) 19/12/2010
Lots of snow herer (Taken with instagram) 18/12/2010
Hibernation (Taken with instagram) 14/12/2010
Simon’s Cat - Santa Claws 12/12/2010
My Secret Santa project, finished in the nick of time! (Taken with instagram) 12/12/2010
The whole of the Fourth,” Holse said, “is home to these Cumuloform, which are clouds, but clouds which are in some sense intelligent in that mysterious and not especially useful way so many alien peoples and things tend to be, sir. 11/12/2010
Vector & Custom Shape Social Media Icons by Gedy Rivera 6/12/2010
Mmm, chocolate (Taken with instagram) 4/12/2010
I, Reader by Alexander Chee - The Morning News 2/12/2010
Looking at my hat (Taken with instagram) 1/12/2010
Tower - The most powerful Git client for Mac 29/11/2010
The Glif — Glif for iPhone 4 27/11/2010
Trampled snow (Taken with instagram) 27/11/2010
(Taken with instagram) 26/11/2010
The Ghosts of Amsterdam « How to be a Retronaut 23/11/2010
Cycling in winter does not make for clean shoes (Taken with instagram) 22/11/2010
Shiny Droplets with a shot of Espresso! 21/11/2010
Safari Extension for Delibar | Shiny (Frog) Blog 20/11/2010
ZooBorns: Fennec Fox 20/11/2010
David Lanham • Night Owl 20/11/2010
Printopia - Share Your Mac’s Printers to iPhone and iPad 19/11/2010
Bella looking at the light (Taken with instagram) 17/11/2010
Clipping 13/11/2010
The surprising physics of cats’ drinking: 13/11/2010
“Minka” trailer (by Birdling Films) 9/11/2010
I have found ZooBorns and know what I will be doing for the rest of the weekend. Look at this baby tamandua. Just look at it. 6/11/2010
Disqus Custom CSS Styling in 3 Easy Steps 6/11/2010
I could watch this on a loop all day. 3/11/2010
I am only interested in everything. 3/11/2010
This tickled me. However, I mean no disrespect to the fine women who made it that genuine English accents would have been even better. If they could persuade Helena Bonham-Carter to get involved (and I could quite imagine her being up for it), even better. 25/7/2010
Faced with Dorries’ cavalier approach to science-based policy, it’s hard for the rational voter to imagine a worse candidate for a position on the health select committee, but the Conservative Party has managed it, with a second seat on the committee handed to the extraordinary character… 30/6/2010
yakkysack 29/6/2010
I am very fond of The Wurzels. They have been going forever, and they seem to have an absolute blast when they perform. Bonus points to them for deflating any pretentious hipsterism by appending a series of “Ooo Arrr Ooo Arrr’s” on the end of the Kaiser Chief’s “Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby” chorus. 27/6/2010
Asking the questions 12/6/2010
This a real success story. For two years, our clematis has done very little, and certainly never flowered. Now it is covered in these huge, exotic-looking blooms and looks magnificent in the dappled shade. 6/6/2010
Favourite sounds #1 6/6/2010
Panic Blog » An Apple //e, an iPad, and Jed 15/5/2010
This is absolutely brilliant. I hope the twins get to see this one day, and once they’ve finished being mortally embarrassed by their parents, that it makes them smile. Then they’ll probably say, “Who’s the dude in the yellow goggles?”. 5/5/2010
Note & Point 5/5/2010
Bianca likes to hide behind the curtain and sit on the desk watching birds outside the window. 3/5/2010
Oh my word. I’m in trouble: just when I was thinking about possibly upgrading my computer speakers (to do justice to my Squeezebox Classic), these new Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Computer Speakers are released. 29/4/2010
Nice. However, I’m not so sure about the “gives you legs of steel” bit. Mine are most definitely not steel-like, even after a lot of riding. 29/4/2010
This rolls up all kinds of Britishness (just the good bits, mind) into one splendid package. I had thought that I was tired of the ‘Keep Calm And…’ thing, but this has changed my mind. 29/4/2010
About 1.5 kg of homemade rhubarb and ginger jam, made with rhubarb from the allotment. I’m a jam newbie, so I’m not convinced that it will set properly, but I would be happy with nice tasting, slightly runny jam. 25/4/2010
Over Easter, we visited a National Trust property, Baddesley Clinton, which is in Warwickshire. It’s a lovely Elizabethan house, with lots of priest holes (the family was Catholic) and wonderful grounds. I love the details of old stone and plants growing over it. 25/4/2010
Karen on feminism 25/4/2010
Bianca loves to sit behind the blind and look out the window at all the goings on outside. As we know, a cat’s tail has a mind of its own, so sometimes she forgets that hers is giving her postion away. 25/4/2010
Level 7/4/2010
Blowing the cobwebs away 5/4/2010
Valentine card I made for Mr B last Sunday. Note crochet heart! 20/2/2010
Hmm. 16/2/2010
My current view. Bella is snuggled up in the crook of my arm. 14/2/2010
Really beautiful walk to work today! 1/2/2010
Rebec to the future 23/1/2010
Should have listened to Edna 16/1/2010
Simon’s Cat - Hot spot 2/1/2010
Bianca on the lookout  20/12/2009
Awww… 19/12/2009
Is Anybody There? Fantastic black comedy, with some great performances from all involved. Some very poignant moments, along with a lot of laughs. =D 10/12/2009
You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive - Darrell Scott 28/11/2009
John Shuttleworth - Two Margarines 22/11/2009
One of those ‘clean graffiti’ ads. Still not sure about them - they are effectively pretty permanent. 21/11/2009
listening to “Black Joe Lewis 21/11/2009
The problem with haircut specifications 21/11/2009
Secret reading 18/11/2009
Reference managers: advice needed 17/11/2009
Relaxing 14/11/2009
The comfort seeker 8/11/2009
Peacock spider 8/11/2009
Everybody wants to be a cat 8/11/2009
Prototype slimline UK plug 5/11/2009
Fireworks and pets 5/11/2009
Waving from Google to Posterous 1/11/2009
JustNotes 27/10/2009
Saw this dignified old gent waiting for his chauffeur in the Merc. 25/10/2009
For Immediate Relief: Speaking Like a Human 20/10/2009
System Records. Independant specialist music store. 13/10/2009
Meow mix 13/10/2009
Ravens at the Tower of London 11/10/2009
Email Service Guide — Interview with Jeremy Howard of FastMail.FM 4/10/2009
Use Dropbox to Create a Yojimbo iPhone App 1/10/2009
I’ve only recently come across the Matt Berry/Rich Fulcher comedy series Snuff Box on DVD, and I really like it. It’s a dark, surreal, funny and filthy show, with some really classic moments. 28/9/2009 - iPhone App 24/9/2009
TimeMachineEditor 23/9/2009
mrgan: 23/9/2009
focus booster live - the pomodoro technique 14/9/2009
Notational Velocity 2.0 Public Beta 14/9/2009
Using Xephyr - awesome 6/9/2009
Baseline - a designer framework by 5/9/2009
Wicked - awesome 5/9/2009
Josh Hadar - Hadar Metal Design: Gallery: Er’s Teardrop 4/9/2009
Shareaholic for Firefox - The browser add-on extension to share, tweet, bookmark, save and e-mail web pages quickly 4/9/2009
EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing 4/9/2009
Dario Taraborelli: The Beauty of LaTeX 3/9/2009
kung fu grippe: Alpine messaging system is fast and easy 29/8/2009
Revolutions 29/8/2009
jeannr: 29/8/2009
HOWTO make a plush cell model 23/8/2009
Alpine on Mac OS X 22/8/2009
Prettify* — Nice icons and wallpapers 20/8/2009
The answer is perhaps a Victorian solution to a Victorian problem. In the 19th century there was a campaign to give everyone the opportunity to take part in the culture of literacy by establishing public libraries in every town and every village. This was immensely successful. I think we should do t… 20/8/2009
mezzoblue § Chalkwork HTML Royalty-free Icons 16/8/2009
The Random Cat Project 16/8/2009
Advice on designing scientific posters 4/8/2009
Fixed-gear rider or granny-bike dawdler: who will win the race? | Matthew Sparkes | 17/7/2009
Snippet App 17/7/2009
Pukka 1.8: now with search! | Code Sorcery Workshop 13/7/2009
Nomadness: The Zen of Geeky Boat Projects 12/7/2009
Aptonic Software - Dropzone 6/7/2009
Hivelogic - Deploying ExpressionEngine from GitHub with Capistrano 5/7/2009
Well: 4/7/2009
View over the valley: 4/7/2009
Steel sculpture: 4/7/2009
Steel coil sculpture: 4/7/2009
Shadow Stone Fold: 4/7/2009
Rotten log: 4/7/2009
Hanging tree: 4/7/2009
Dandelion clock: 4/7/2009
Cones: 4/7/2009
Silver lining: 4/7/2009
Seeds: 4/7/2009
Ripples: 4/7/2009
Poppy: 4/7/2009
Poppy field: 4/7/2009
Outclosure: 4/7/2009
One and Other: 4/7/2009
Posterous 1/7/2009 1/7/2009
White flame: 30/6/2009
Light at the end of the tunnel: 30/6/2009
Alcove: 30/6/2009
There, I Fixed It. 29/6/2009
Reaching: 27/6/2009
The Fantastical Capybara: An Interview with Melanie Typaldos About Her Caplin Rous 27/6/2009
The Intermittent Kevin - Find My iPhone works, and it is awesome. 22/6/2009
Watching: 21/6/2009
Sleeping: 21/6/2009
iPhone interface for Fever: 21/6/2009
Fever in Fluid: 21/6/2009
Hivelogic - Shrimp 21/6/2009
Philosoraptor Shirt 21/6/2009
Bianca on the bed: 20/6/2009
Bill Bailey Kraftwerk Tribute (via 01wells) 20/6/2009
How to force Safari 4 to open links in a new Tab instead of a new Window : Switching To Mac 20/6/2009
Keynote presentation tips from Rands In Repose 11/6/2009
blech: 9/6/2009
I seem to have overdosed on my Friday dose of cute. That disgruntled expression! That little pom-pom head/body on matchstick legs! The hopping! 5/6/2009
Andreas Klostermaier : Stimulus - The OSX Alpha Geek desktop browse 31/5/2009
Stretch: Not in focus, I know (light levels were very low and I misjudged the depth of field, but I like the pose. 31/5/2009
Relax: Bianca’s sea of cream and caramel fur and rather cute paw pads. 31/5/2009
Green eyes: Show’s Bella’s amazing green eyes and incredibly long whiskers to best effect. 31/5/2009
Bella closeup: The fish-eye effect of the macro lens gives her a slightly disapproving look. And I couldn’t fit her whiskers in. 31/5/2009
Bella hears some birds and moves just as I take the shot. She’s pretty much always in motion. 30/5/2009
I saw this a while ago and forgot to post it. The guy has incredible skill and balance. The best bit is seeing bystanders’ amazement when he jumps of a bridge parapet or leaps down a flight of steps. 30/5/2009
Battle scars from weeding out the cleavers in the garden. Should have worn long sleeves. 30/5/2009
Bianca: This one shows off the lovely colour of her coat, and the chocolate colour of her pads and underside of her paws. 24/5/2009
Bianca enjoying the sofa: I love the squished ear. 24/5/2009
Bella: Sitting on the desk, looking at the computer. I think she looks a bit like a lynx at times. 24/5/2009
Bella: Bella has gorgeous green eyes. 24/5/2009
Mozilla Labs Jetpack 21/5/2009
listening to “Roy Harper - Another Day” 21/5/2009
Roy Harper’s “Another Day”, performed by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel on Kate’s 1979 TV special. I just saw this special on BBC4 and had never heard this song before. I was blown away by it, and really wish they’d released it as a single. 21/5/2009
This is absolutely wonderful. Some of the most moving, dramatic and gripping films I’ve ever seen have been short animations, and this is up there with the best. 16/5/2009
Baby fruitbats have to be the cutest things out. I think it’s the bulgy eyes. 15/5/2009
Ridcully was to management what King Herod was to the Bethlehem Playgroup Association. His mental approach to it could be visualised as a sort of business flowchart with, at the top, a circle entitled “Me, who does the telling” and, connected below it by a line, a large circle entitled &… 15/5/2009
Postage - Send postcards from your iPhone 14/5/2009
rush 11/5/2009
The Floyd 10/5/2009
listening to “Who Knows Where the Time Goes - Sandy Denny” 10/5/2009
At last! Our butternut squash seeds have germinated. 9/5/2009
A time-tested way of engaging students is using a hook. Unveil a teaser, pose a question, tell a story, be provocative, invite brief brainstorming… any adult equivalent of “Once upon a time ….” Frontloading wonderment helps keep an audience. 9/5/2009
listening to “Honey In The Rock - Blind Mamie Forehand” 9/5/2009
Cats on radiators 9/5/2009
Wow. Words fail me. I love the idea that the USA is based on freedom of speech, just as long as you don’t use that freedom to say (or even, think, in the privacy of your own head) that there is no god. 8/5/2009
Cucumber - Making BDD fun 7/5/2009
State of the Art - With a Private MiFi Hot Spot, Be Online Wherever You Like - 7/5/2009
Font Squirrel | Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. 6/5/2009
Andrew’s Blog » Using multiple Apache virtual hosts on a development machine - Just another WordPress weblog 6/5/2009
d-d-d: 4/5/2009
Photojojo » Black and White Conversion: The Best Ways to Turn Color Digital Photos Into Beautiful B&W 4/5/2009
Wisteria: I think this is wisteria. A lovely old plant on an old wall at Coughton Court. 3/5/2009
Pink and purple: Solo pink flower among blue/purple bluebells. 3/5/2009
Mossy log: Lots of wildflowers growing near a mossy log in a bluebell wood. 3/5/2009
Headstones and bricks: Part of a series of photos I took (of which this was the most successful) while I was sitting on a bench in a churchyard. I decided to see how many good images I could make just by changing the framing from my current position. I love the colour and texture contrast between the weathered bricks, headstones and grass. 3/5/2009
Crest: Eroded family crest and moto above the main entrance at Coughton Court. Legend has it that most of this crest fell off at the same time that the Baronet was killed on the battlefield during the first World War. 3/5/2009
Bluebell wood: The bluebell wood at Coughton Court. A gorgeous carpet of blue/purple. 3/5/2009
Taking eccentricity too far 3/5/2009
listening to “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues - Skip James” 3/5/2009
listening to “Hello Earth - Kate Bush” 3/5/2009
listening to “Miss Dy-na-mi-tee - The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain” 2/5/2009
listening to “Soya - Ali Farka Toure” 2/5/2009
Max Raabe - Tainted Love (via AryanDreamy) 27/4/2009
Maru is an unbelievably cute cat, with a big thing for boxes. This is like Prozac… 26/4/2009
Blossom and lichen: I didn’t quite get the focus point right on this with a shallow depth of field, so the main flower is out of focus a bit. still, I like the colours and fresh feeling of it. 26/4/2009
Two species, separated at birth. “Make my day, punk!” 24/4/2009
Tweet this Flickr photo - using the new URL shortening service 23/4/2009
This is great - the look of astonishment, changing to delight on the bystanders’ faces is priceless. Pity it’s a promo. 20/4/2009
listening to “Madan - Salif Keita” 19/4/2009
listening to “Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard 19/4/2009
Ooo, this looks as if it might be very good indeed and very confusing (which is also good). Though the computer has definite Hal overtones… 14/4/2009
Bagelturf - Create An Aperture Vault On A Networked Drive 14/4/2009
listening to “All The Love - Kate Bush” 14/4/2009
Three trees: Lovely blue sky that day, and white fluffy clouds. 13/4/2009
Skeleton: The bones of a tree against the spring sky. 13/4/2009
Mother and twins: Twin lambs and a long shadow. 13/4/2009
Delicate: I could have chosen a flower with more pristine petals, but I loved the delicacy and fragility of this one. 13/4/2009
Spring yellow: A species tulip? Whatever it is, it has lovely, balletic petals. 13/4/2009
Sphinx at Compton Verney: A rather beefy-armed sphinx guarding the bridge at Compton Verney. 13/4/2009
Reeds: Reeds by the lake at Compton Verney. 13/4/2009
Compton Verney: Very nice art gallery set in lovely, Capability Brown-designed parkland. 13/4/2009
Blue: I’m not sure what this flower is, but I love the colour. 13/4/2009
Bark: Bark of Lucombe Oak, Compton Verney park. 13/4/2009
listening to “Orpheus - David Sylvian” 11/4/2009
Goodbye Cleo: Remembering Cleo in happier, healthier times. I miss her little, furry, obstructive presence on my desk. :-( 10/4/2009
listening to “Monkey Man - The Maytals” 10/4/2009
listening to “Sex Bomb - Andy Caine” 10/4/2009
listening to “The Ugly One with the Jewels (blip.up) - Laurie Anderson” 10/4/2009
Photojojo » 12 Ways to Use Your Camera as a Tool 2/4/2009
Willow 1: Bursting willow buds. 1/4/2009
Willow 2: I love the silky willow buds, and in the sunlight, they look like gold threads. 1/4/2009
James commented that a photograph I’d posted reminded him of a short animated film he’d seen. This is that film, and it is one of the most moving and beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time. Have a handkerchief ready when you watch it. 29/3/2009
Forgotten: We’d left this pot full of compost in a corner of the garden for ages. Today, I noticed that it had been colonised by violets, as well as dandelion. 29/3/2009
Self-portrait: The golden evening light was so nice that I couldn’t resist a shadow self portrait of me and my bike on the opposite bank. 28/3/2009
Rowmote 26/3/2009
listening to “Psychedelic Shack - Temptations” 26/3/2009
My latest GeekTool modifications. I’ve placed it in the bottom right of my screen so that it isn’t usually covered up by windows. It is also colour-coordinated with my desktop picture. 25/3/2009
If aliens from another civilisation ever get hold of YouTube, I wonder what they will make of us. Watching this video, they might decide that the round device was designed to transport and randomly distribute the furry organisms on planar surface. 21/3/2009
I don’t approve of graffiti, but if people must deface public property, I’d prefer them to have a good colour scheme :-) 20/3/2009
listening to “The Wind That Shakes The Barley - Dead Can Dance” 20/3/2009
listening to “This Corrosion - The Sisters Of Mercy” 20/3/2009
Stickyscreen 18/3/2009
listening to “Intoxicated - Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 16/3/2009
listening to “John Wayne Gacy, Jr. - Sufjan Stevens” 15/3/2009
listening to “On The Death Of The Waters - Shearwater” 12/3/2009
listening to “Waterfall - The Stone Roses” 12/3/2009
Nomadness: Maudlin Front Panel Retrospective 12/3/2009
listening to “54-46 Was My Number - Toots 11/3/2009
undefined 11/3/2009
jQuery Sparklines 11/3/2009
As with a lot of Morrissey’s latter-day solo material, its target market appears to be people who heard the Smiths and thought: if only this stuff was less beautifully nuanced and original, a bit more ungainly and predictable, then we’d really be getting somewhere. 11/3/2009
Paper is not - unfortunately - about either pizza, beer or Slurm. 10/3/2009
Reading an academic paper whose authors are Bender and Frye. 10/3/2009
Playing with themes. Again. 10/3/2009
Replacing Tumblr’s Missing Paragraphs 10/3/2009
Blog post: Spring wave http://xrl. 9/3/2009
Matt & Adina :: Backpack Scripts for LaunchBar 8/3/2009
Allotmented this morning. 7/3/2009
Having lots of very interesting discussions with colleages at the mo. 6/3/2009
Hmm. 4/3/2009
Sonzea - Syncopation 4/3/2009
Looking gloomily at weather and thinking about how I’m going to get as soaked going home as I did coming in. 3/3/2009
Digital sabbath 2/3/2009
Absolutely gorgeous morning. 2/3/2009
Just lovely. 1/3/2009
Startled by a Long Tailed Tit suddenly appearing at my home office window and looking at me with its tiny, beady eyes. 1/3/2009
Whoa! 1/3/2009
She advanced. The heels helped, of course, but Spike could move like a snake trying to sashay, and the severe, tight and ostensibly modest dresses she wore left everything to the imagination, which is much more inflammatory than leaving nothing. Speculation is always more interesting than facts. 1/3/2009
What do I mean, “inner geek”? 1/3/2009
Had a sudden hankering to hear this again, you know how it is. 1/3/2009 | Papers 1.9 19/2/2009
50:50? Looks about right to me. 17/2/2009
Happy 200th Birthday Mr. Darwin! 12/2/2009
shapeofaroom: 11/2/2009
I’m using blippr to find great apps, books, games, movies, and music! 8/2/2009
undefined 5/2/2009
And here is the lady herself, mid-purr. OK, enough cat stuff, even though we know that’s what the Internet’s for. 5/2/2009
White Noise MP3s 3/2/2009
Moss in smooooth mode. I loved that episode, and just looking at Moss’ cardie and pipe combo gives me a fit of the giggles. 3/2/2009
This palm tree is remarkably hardy and seems to survive being covered in snow or ice fairly regularly. 2/2/2009
Playing about with Camerabag for the iPhone. It has some very nice effects with make a virtue of the rather limited quality of the iPhone camera. 1/2/2009
(from urban dictionary) 1/2/2009
Cat overlapping edge of keyboard. 31/1/2009
Creative business cards 31/1/2009
Testing out posting from Tumblrette. 31/1/2009
Take that Black-Eyed Peas! 31/1/2009
Academic Earth 31/1/2009
iSteamPhone: a gorgeous, daVinci-esque drawing of an iPhone on a t-shirt, complete with mirror writing. Lovely. 30/1/2009
Doing battle with LaTeX to try to compress my reference list to take up less space. 29/1/2009
Birmingham City Council removes apostrophes from road signs 29/1/2009
Is almost asleep on her feet. 28/1/2009
I detest the music of Britney Spears — particularly this song, because Mr. Bsag knows that he can irritate me by singing the hook in a falsetto register, over and over again… 28/1/2009
Is sneezing like mad. 26/1/2009
So much writing today. 26/1/2009
undefined 25/1/2009 - Unique Bird Photography 25/1/2009
Recovering from clipping Cleo’s claws. 25/1/2009
A View Through a Lens: Shadows 24/1/2009
Lovely shot with a great mood by alexboardman16. 24/1/2009
Is looking with some gloominess at todo list for tomorrow. 22/1/2009
On train to city for a workshop. 22/1/2009
I love the way the cat keeps on grooming. “Vibration? What vibration?” 21/1/2009
In ice-related news, my first aid skills were in demand at work today. 21/1/2009
Glad the ice has melted. 21/1/2009
My Git Workflow 21/1/2009
Got escorted across road by lollipop man this morning. 20/1/2009
git ready » daily tips for the noob to the guru 20/1/2009
Finding the Project Word Count Target in Scrivener very motivating. 19/1/2009
Trying out Spotify via a signup link in Guardian for UK readers. 17/1/2009
Advantages of working at home: no interruptions to focus and a warm kitteh belly to stroke while reading reports. 16/1/2009
Light Lane - Concept from Altitude’s Alex Tee and Evan Gant 16/1/2009
Man, that is one ugly frog: http://xrl. 16/1/2009
Show Git dirty state (and branch) in the prompt — The Pug Automatic 16/1/2009
Finally gave in and got Tweetie. 16/1/2009
Struggled into waterproof overtrousers for ride to work, only for it to stop raining as soon as I got out the door. 15/1/2009
Just put my dotfiles (. 15/1/2009
Very interesting Google TechTalk on Prince XML: 14/1/2009
Prince XML video: http://tinyurl. 14/1/2009
Absolutely cream crackered. 12/1/2009
You can just tell from picture 1 that the grey and white cat is going to kick off :-) 10/1/2009
Hehe: cute group picture goes horribly wrong - http://tinyurl. 10/1/2009
Two male pigeons are wing jousting on the garden fence, like boys flicking wet towels at each other. 10/1/2009
Colorful Bokeh Effect in Pixelmator | Abduzeedo 10/1/2009
Oh, that one is getting printed out and going on my office door: http://xkcd. 10/1/2009
Getting biffed in the leg by the cat, so it must be her tea time. 7/1/2009
W00t! 6/1/2009
Ada Lovelace Day — Bringing women in technology to the fore 6/1/2009
Need chocolate, but in-house café closed, so would have to go elsewhere on campus. 5/1/2009
Ack. 5/1/2009
Not feeling overjoyed to be back in work this morning. 5/1/2009
Finally got around to installing iPeng native iPhone app. 5/1/2009
Rag and bone guy just scared the life out if me by telling “OLD IRON! 4/1/2009
Yes. 4/1/2009
Yay! 3/1/2009
Ugh. 3/1/2009
Foolishly decided to update design of my blog after the migration. 3/1/2009
Back from a lovely crisp walk which had a visit to a great Real Ale pub in the middle of it. 3/1/2009
Nice day: excellent food and drink, great company (the excellent hubby) and a steampunky Dr Who special. 25/12/2008
First ever home-made bagels were really nice, to my great surprise. 24/12/2008
Today has been an odd mixture of frenzied computer hacking (migrating servers for my web sites) and baking (bagels and choc truffles). 23/12/2008
Nicely scared by pt 1. 23/12/2008
Furiously re-working ExpressionEngine templates. 21/12/2008
Accidentally bashing my watch on desk put it on Rio time. 19/12/2008
Work Xmas dinner tonight. 15/12/2008
Project marking to do. 15/12/2008
Pondering making our own bagels this Christmas with Hairy Baker’s recipe. 12/12/2008
Rain on top of icy pavements made my journey to work a bit hazardous. 12/12/2008
Pyjama Purge in Shanghai. 12/12/2008
Urg. 9/12/2008
Making a calendar for the parental units for Xmas. 9/12/2008
Hoping that Dr Hot Chocolate can pick up my mood make me feel a bit more human. 3/12/2008
marking brain: engage. 1/12/2008
I’ve been wondering: why is ‘saving’ plural in US English? 28/11/2008
Waiting on crammed platform for a delayed train with lots of fed up people who want to be at home. 28/11/2008
Spent a good few minutes this a. 27/11/2008
“Rogue Pips! 25/11/2008
Big shock of last week: out of 50-odd yr 3 Biology undergrads, 0 had heard of Turing, or his Test. 23/11/2008
The blackcaps are back! 23/11/2008
Must. 22/11/2008
Trying to collect my thoughts in a very busy day. 21/11/2008
Black clothes and pale coloured long-haired cat do not mix. 21/11/2008
Re: slings. 17/11/2008
Ironic thing is that apparently most people with fractures won’t let you anywhere near their arm, let alone to footle about with a sling. 17/11/2008
Back from first day of First Aid re-qualification. 17/11/2008
Woman with a lovely pre-Raphaelite face smiling enigmatically over a text. 13/11/2008
Sitting on the station platform, slightly inebriated, listening to the Reindeer Section. 13/11/2008
Ooo, a rat! 13/11/2008
Ear is clicking every time I swallow. 11/11/2008
Here’s the choc parkin recipe: http://xrl. 9/11/2008
Going to make chocolate parkin biscuits. 9/11/2008
Y’know what makes me feel old? 8/11/2008
Sinister character in Midsomer Murders: “Who were you going to call, anyway? 7/11/2008
Has cold hands. 6/11/2008
First thoughts on waking and hearing news: “Thank goodness for that. 5/11/2008
Now have an ArchLinux install (built from scratch) with Awesome WM at full res. 2/11/2008
Has been ignoring trick or treaters at door all evening. 31/10/2008
A sudden snow fall / Night grass ultraviolet white / Everything transformed 28/10/2008
Cat is moulting and everything is covered in cat hair. 26/10/2008
Guilty pleasure: A Touch of Frost. 26/10/2008
Dizzy for some reason. 24/10/2008
Weird. 24/10/2008
Lazyweb request: anyone got any experience of Fastmail. 22/10/2008
Yak shaving, big time. 21/10/2008
Trying new version of MailTags. 21/10/2008
[tracks] [http://github. 21/10/2008
Had a police officer with a dog searching our garden at 7. 20/10/2008
Just booked tickets for stage adaptation of His Dark Materials @ Birmingham Rep for next March. 20/10/2008
Think I’ve done my back in. 18/10/2008
New version of Byline (iPhone RSS reader) is really cool. 15/10/2008
Practising my Portuguese the lazy way by translating Brazilians on Bruce Parry prog without recourse to subtitles. 13/10/2008
That trip to London I twittered about yesterday? 13/10/2008
Going to London today after wrestling with the trainline. 11/10/2008
Exhausted. 11/10/2008
Cleo is being loud and insistent about something, but not quite sure what. 8/10/2008
Trying to cost things for a grant. 7/10/2008
Just once, I’d like a Thomas Hardy heroine to deliver a swift knee to the nadgers to her tormentor, rather than enduring prolonged suffering 5/10/2008
Feel like I’m going down with something - Fresher’s ’Flu perhaps? 4/10/2008
Every 3rd person on Any Answers today sounds like Leslie Phillips. 4/10/2008
“already the fatted blancmange has been killed…” I love Wodehouse’s turns of phrase. 4/10/2008
Whenever I have to draw a figure of apparatus for a paper, I really wish I could use vector drawing progs properly. 30/9/2008
Keep thinking I smell gas in the house. 28/9/2008
Wiping cat drool off my keyboard. 28/9/2008
Hmm. 27/9/2008
No spoilers please, but my money is on Tess ending up dead (but still beautiful! 24/9/2008
Have back ache. 24/9/2008
Catching up on BBC adaptation of Tess of the d’Urbervilles. 24/9/2008
Off to opening night of exhibition at which Mr B has some work. 19/9/2008
Animated GIF ads in browser are amusing the cat, at least. 18/9/2008
Just watched tribute to Humph and a performance at the Brecon Jazz Fest. 13/9/2008
Bike: cleaner. 13/9/2008
Wow. 8/9/2008
Posted some photos of recent holiday in Lynmouth: http://www. 8/9/2008
Back from brief (but lovely) Devon break. 8/9/2008
Just finished laboriously sponging aphids of my chilli plants. 31/8/2008
The Destroyers rocked the klezmer! 30/8/2008
John Smith’s voice is quite lovely, and he’s great guitarist too. 30/8/2008
Chris Wood as excellent as I expected, but I was willing those around me to STFU as you really need to listen to him. 30/8/2008
At Moseley Folk Fest. 30/8/2008
Man it’s noisy here this morning. 30/8/2008
Huge spider web seems to have suddenly appeared on window frame in home office. 30/8/2008
I have a horrible cold and I’m grumpy about having to come into work with it. 28/8/2008
Testing out Ubiquity. 27/8/2008
Has raspy sore throat. 25/8/2008
Put up a few photos from Brazil. 25/8/2008
Back in the UK and working through a virtual mountain of emails. 24/8/2008
At the airport stupidly early as usual. 5/8/2008
I think I’ve established that all my stuff won’t fit in my bags. 3/8/2008
Cat determined to foil my fitness plan. 3/8/2008
Oh, and paperback version of War and Peace weighs 860g. 3/8/2008
Mmm. 2/8/2008
Trying Hahlo on the iPhone out of curiosity. 31/7/2008
That should have been ‘a native’ not ‘anatove’ obviously. 31/7/2008
Pfft. 31/7/2008
I’ll get me coat. 31/7/2008
Fruitless tomato is now standing outside in the rain, thinking about what it has done. 29/7/2008
1 tomato plant has been banished from our conservatory for the heinous crime of not bearing fruit. 29/7/2008
Wow. 28/7/2008
Just rescued cat from attempted walk on outside window ledge. 27/7/2008
Home grown potatoes and courgettes for dinner! 27/7/2008
Passed two groups of people (pre 8am) already starting on the Special Brew and White Lightning. 25/7/2008
Cleo the cat is on the back of the sofa, stroking my neck with her tail. 25/7/2008
Applying fake tan in prep for trip to Brazil. 23/7/2008
Spam name: Fibonacci Stover. 21/7/2008
www. 20/7/2008
Watching Dr Horrible - great! 20/7/2008
Cleo watching Dr Horrible. 20/7/2008
Trying out Twinkle’s photo linking. 18/7/2008
Trying out Twinkle. 18/7/2008
Trying to decide what kind of weather I’ll have to endure on the way to work today. 17/7/2008
Synchronising stuff and giving this whole ‘keeping things in the cloud’ thing a go. 14/7/2008
Duped by sunny weather this morning into putting washing out. 12/7/2008
I have an iPhone -yay! 11/7/2008
Finding enthusiasm for lunch greatly diminished by gruesome photographs we’ve just been shown on first aid course. 9/7/2008
Useful Radio 4 rule of thumb: in dramas, all North Americans are played by Kerry Shale. 9/7/2008
Been persuaded by the hubby not to watch ‘Bonekickers’. 8/7/2008
Knocked Up: Surprised that I enjoyed this as much as I did. 6/7/2008
Just saw (I swear that I’m not making this up) a van belonging to a firm of builders going by the name of ‘McEvilly’. 4/7/2008
Overhead teenagers talking on the train: “Do pigs have bones? 3/7/2008
Thunder! 3/7/2008
You know what? 1/7/2008
Phew. 1/7/2008
I’ve got a bad case of Monday Syndrome. 30/6/2008
Wondering whether to watch ‘Criminal Justice’ for rest of week. 30/6/2008
Run, Fatboy, Run: Not as edgy as Pegg’s other films, with few in-jokes, and a very predictable storyline. 29/6/2008
Has got a serious earworm: ‘Monkey Man’ by Toots and the Maytals 29/6/2008
leah buechley - LilyPad Arduino - build - turn signal jacket 28/6/2008
Cat is yawning. 27/6/2008
‘Purple Haze’ played on Medieval instruments as a ringtone: http://www. 26/6/2008
No Country for Old Men: Incredibly gripping. 25/6/2008
Dyson Vacuums: A Video History of Dyson Upright Vacuums 24/6/2008
Seachd: That very rare beast: a Gaelic language feature film. 22/6/2008
In my head, I’ve always pronounced it very-zon. 21/6/2008
Hmm. 21/6/2008
“Remember, always wrap up warm. 21/6/2008
Reading stuff and inwardly digesting. 19/6/2008
Just had a brief powercut. 18/6/2008
Cat cheek-rubbing my desk. 17/6/2008
Team America - World Police: Gung ho, foul-mouthed Thunderbirds destroy most of the world’s major landmarks wh http://www. 16/6/2008
American Gods: Blew me away from the first pages. 16/6/2008
Just misread a roadname (Downland Close) as Download Close. 16/6/2008
The Darjeeling Limited: It grew on me. 15/6/2008
Listening to tribute to Humph on R4 15/6/2008
Full news on GitHub move here: http://tinyurl. 15/6/2008
Ratatouille: Good film, but felt it was lacking a little sparkle somehow. 14/6/2008
Clematis planted: 2. 14/6/2008
Bee Movie: Irritated me at first (male worker bees, c’mon), but calmed down when I twigged that realism wasn’ http://www. 14/6/2008
About to go out and plant a clematis. 14/6/2008
My talk is over. 13/6/2008
Seriously flaking out. 13/6/2008
Has to go to the zoo tomorrow. 10/6/2008
Wall retaliates against vandal - Boing Boing 10/6/2008
Steve Jobs looks really thin. 9/6/2008
Looking at a cloud the shape of an anteater. 9/6/2008
The Flying Scotsman: Without backing, Obree built his own bike and through huge determination, beat world cyc http://www. 8/6/2008
Vurt: I fell in love with Jeff Noon’s writing immediately. 5/6/2008
The Eraser: The subtlety of the multi-layered mixes on this album can take a while to grow on you. 5/6/2008
Firefly - The Complete Series: The classiest sci-fi series ever. 5/6/2008
Wish my students would learn singular/plurals of terms. 4/6/2008
I HAZ A STIMULI 4/6/2008
Alt Text: Secrets of the 7 Basic Blog Posts 4/6/2008
http://xrl. 4/6/2008
Oh, look at that. 3/6/2008
I think my git svn dcommit to a tag is crashing and burning. 3/6/2008
Mr. 2/6/2008
Has a bucketful of home-grown broad beans! 31/5/2008
Wormed/de-flea-ed cat. 28/5/2008
Superb nerd-dancing, and calculus-inspired lyrics. 25/5/2008
Cat is snoring. 25/5/2008
“My plan goes far beyond a wish to simplify the National Curriculum, and tips over into pure evil. 24/5/2008
Listening to “Nebulous” and snickering at the idea of the ‘Tutorianator’ 24/5/2008
Found a ridiculous number of mechanical pencil lead refills in my office drawer. 23/5/2008
“Our direction going forward is to replace our existing system…”. 22/5/2008
Last quote from here: http://tinyurl. 22/5/2008
Just to clarify, I agree totally with what was said. 22/5/2008
Oh Joy of Joys - ’tis exam marking season again. 22/5/2008
Man, I love this new Apple keyboard. 21/5/2008
Trying to convert an svn repos to a git repos. 20/5/2008
Hoping that this week is going to be a bit better than the last. 19/5/2008
Not a weekend I want to repeat: Mr. 18/5/2008
It’s really cold in the office today. 16/5/2008
TextEpander is saving me masses of typing today by expanding [my study species’ name] while I’m writing my grant. 14/5/2008
New Apple Aluminium keyboard (wired) on work Mac. 14/5/2008
Hard work battling against the wind on the bike this morning. 14/5/2008
tms [fernLightning] 12/5/2008
bag is hot 12/5/2008
Just found 2 bottles of wine on doorstep and thought the Wine Fairy had visited. 12/5/2008
Just trod on some glass from a broken lightbulb. 11/5/2008
It’s Saturday morning. 10/5/2008
Is it me, or is it really humid today? 10/5/2008
Wishing powdered milk actually dissolved properly in hot liquids. 8/5/2008
Rubbish 8/5/2008
Finally making some progress with writing and thinking. 7/5/2008
Trying to brainstorm, but managing only a light braindrizzle. 7/5/2008
Ontario bakery succeeds with honor payment system - Boing Boing 7/5/2008
Wild garlic was really pungent this morning - actually feels like late spring/early summer! 7/5/2008
Actually sent a fax for the first time in years. 6/5/2008
You can rely on the British Bank Holiday weather to scupper any plans you had for your day off. 5/5/2008
Just re-arranged living room furniture, hifi and TV set up. 3/5/2008
Just watched Bender’s Big Score. 3/5/2008
Hooray for highlighting and notes in Preview. 2/5/2008
…The sound guys must have short term hearing loss. 2/5/2008
Brian Blessed on HIGNFY repeatedly clipped the audio levels. 2/5/2008
Egretta garzetta - the species name that’s fun to say! 30/4/2008
Doing background reading. 30/4/2008
Mark Lawson just pronounced ‘Ms’ (i. 28/4/2008
Just got back from the allotment: potatoes finally planted, and the monsoon season seems to have started. 27/4/2008
“She moves through the fair” must be the most haunting folk song ever. 26/4/2008
RIP Humph. 26/4/2008
Soaking ride in. 24/4/2008
Vibram Five Fingers: Discover the Barefooting Alternative 23/4/2008
Now my swivel chair has a squeak. 21/4/2008
“anaphora: the use of a word referring to or replacing a word used earlier in a sentence, to avoid repetition. 21/4/2008
A reset alarm is going off somewhere at work and driving me crackers. 21/4/2008
RSVP - Please Reply : iPod & iTunes: Shuffling for Experts 21/4/2008
Yay! 19/4/2008
Is researching exciting bits of kit for work. 18/4/2008
Can now see again after a long-overdue haircut. 17/4/2008
Is ogling second-hand amplifiers. 15/4/2008
Man, it’s too late - now I’m @ replying to myself. 14/4/2008
Cat playing a theremin: http://tinyurl. 14/4/2008
Amplifier has died. 13/4/2008 - 10.5: Sleep all displays via keyboard shortcut 11/4/2008
DryIcons | Free Icon Sets 11/4/2008
The New Cult Canon: Primer | The A.V. Club 10/4/2008
Trailer for a program on R4 about the Gutenberg press has a wonderful snippet of an orchestral version of Purple Haze. 10/4/2008
Kronos Quartet plays Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix. 10/4/2008
Each day I cycle past ‘Hilda Simister House’ (note ’m’), and misread it as ‘Hilda Sinister House’. 8/4/2008
‘The Reunion’ on R4 with people who worked at Bletchley Park as code-breakers. 6/4/2008
Startled by a dunnock landing on the windowsill and singing angrily at us. 6/4/2008
Snowing again. 6/4/2008
Is itching to plant potatoes: enough chitting already, go forth my little spudly beauties and grow! 5/4/2008
Excellent Torchwood finale. 4/4/2008
Is feeling exhausted and groggy. 3/4/2008
Drop stack is incredibly useful in Path Finder: collect random files from all over home folder, drop, then compress and email. 2/4/2008
Can’t believe that I was alerted to the smart new UK coin design by people in the US. 2/4/2008
‘resultantly’? 31/3/2008
Time for bed, said Zebedee 30/3/2008
Chris Wood’s new album Trespasser is excellent. 29/3/2008
Charlotte Green totally corpseing on R4 after piece about earliest voice recording. 28/3/2008
A small medallion—discovered tightly crumpled around a screw in a World War II British Hawker Hurricane Mk. 28/3/2008
Is baffled by internet terminology which seems to have sprung up while I was away for a couple of days: rickrolling, sweded? 27/3/2008
Can kind of see the point of sweded videos, but rickrolling? 27/3/2008
Listening to Knives to the Treble by Burning Babylon (bought from Magnatunes. 26/3/2008
BTW, thanks to @wilw for the Magnatune and Burning Babylon recommendation. 26/3/2008
Nice envelope style MacBook Air sleeve from Timbuk2: http://www. 26/3/2008
Listening to snippets from new REM album on R4, and not overly impressed. 26/3/2008
Is full of bright ideas today: latest is to make a (clean) cat litter scoop out of old plastic milk carton, cut down. 25/3/2008
Also just made a USB sync station out of Muji plastic box and bulldog clips. 25/3/2008
Can’t get enough of this Polo advert with the singing dog. 24/3/2008
Great excitement at work as a sparrowhawk devoured a pigeon right outside our office windows. 20/3/2008
Bernard: “Don’t you dare use the word “party” as a verb in this shop! 20/3/2008
Black Books now available on iTunes Store in UK. 20/3/2008
Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » Git and .mac: A Match Made In Purgatory 19/3/2008
Creepy Torchwood tonight. 19/3/2008
Would like to know why word is insisting on bold and underlined for pasted in text in this form. 17/3/2008
My tiny hands are frozen. 17/3/2008
Having a ‘getting lots of little things out of the way’ day. 17/3/2008
Busy vs. Productive 16/3/2008
Robins are mating in the garden. 16/3/2008
DTerm 16/3/2008
Oh, the goldcrest is back. 16/3/2008
Just realised I’ve been twittering about birds. 16/3/2008
Contentment = PJ Harvey on speakers, blackbird singing his heart out outside window and Cleo on windowsill alternately watching him and me. 16/3/2008
Feeling ill. 15/3/2008
AlienBBC - Installation 13/3/2008
perspicuous |pərˈspikyoōwəs| adjective formal 13/3/2008
So, cherry tomatoes. 12/3/2008
Always messy, I was about to add before prematurely hitting enter. 12/3/2008
All sorts of things being cancelled because of the weather. 12/3/2008
Literal lump in throat. 11/3/2008
Foof. 10/3/2008
Wondering what the odds are on our wobbly garden fence blowing down tonight. 9/3/2008
Mr. Bsag’s bedtime reading pile. As you can see, he likes to have a lot of books on the go at once, and likes heavy (in all senses) reading. 9/3/2008
just had a bout of hail. 9/3/2008
Anyone who owns a cat will recognise this situation. Particularly the loitering on the doorstep after whining for hours to be let in. 9/3/2008
We are now proud owners of a big ole heap o’ horse muck. 8/3/2008
Secure Git hosting and collaborative development — GitHub 8/3/2008
Manure for our allotment is about to be delivered - yay! 8/3/2008
Ada Lovelace: “An enchantress of numbers”. 6/3/2008
TSA endangers child's life by contaminating his feeding tu 6/3/2008
Lovely, frosty morning, but a very careful tentative ride in - didn’t fall off on the ice! 5/3/2008
I saw a pair of kingfishers flying along the river on my cycle home. 5/3/2008
Devendra Banhart sounds really like Marc Bolan at times. 4/3/2008
MacRuby - ruby - Trac 4/3/2008
Hair scare 4/3/2008
Dockdrop - Share files fast 3/3/2008
Planning my week around power shutdowns. 3/3/2008
Husband is blasting out Arvo Pärt’s Triodion. 3/3/2008
“Your bottom left-hand corner looks like a forgery! 3/3/2008
Listening to The Goons on R4. 3/3/2008
OH (1546): “Martin Luther nailed his WHAT to the door?!? Oh. Okay, cool — I misheard. Yeah, 95 theses will be much easier to clean off.” 3/3/2008
Cleo contemplating: “You know you’re using the wrong aperture, right?” 2/3/2008
Looks like I’m not going to be cycling in to work tomorrow. 2/3/2008
Nearly Gardener’s Question Time … time. 2/3/2008
Just seen a long-tailed tit pick up a bit of bread about the same size as its body. 2/3/2008
It is easier to improve an idea than create one. 2/3/2008
Team WhiteBoarding with Twiddla - Painless Team Collaboration for the Web 2/3/2008
Marking your Twitter feed (or any imported feed) - tumblrist 2/3/2008 | StickerBooks - Print stickers using your images 2/3/2008
Rabbit feet 1/3/2008
MoodBlast 1/3/2008