This blog serves to collect together little snippets of stuff: bookmarks I’ve saved in Pinboard, photos I’ve posted on Flickr, books I’ve read, films I’ve reviewed and so on, all of which feel a bit brief to post on my main blog. The site is hosted on Blot, which is a terrific service. You just connect up a Dropbox folder, and any text files, images, or other files get automatically posted on your site. You can tweak the template for the site to alter how things are displayed, there are clever bits of syntax, such as the ability to automatically embed Youtube videos.

Now, because this whole shebang runs from a Dropbox folder, it makes it very easy to post short entries manually from any text editor (on the desktop or iOS) that can save a file to Dropbox. It also means that I can cross-post from sites like Letterboxd by using Zapier to monitor RSS feeds (or an API where one is available), then format the information appropriately (downloading any images to Dropbox too, so they get served locally), and then create a Dropbox file with this information so that a Blot post is created. It works much better than I could have imagined.