Wake Up, Sir! by Jonathan Ames

Wake Up, Sir!
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think if you come to this book without expecting a Wodehouse pastiche, you will enjoy it a great deal more than if you were expecting some kind of modern (and more explicit) take on the Jeeves and Wooster stories. Yes, our hapless anti-hero, the writer Alan Blair, does indeed have a valet who is burdened with the name Jeeves, and he (Alan) does get into some frightful scrapes (which Bertie would no doubt characterise as being in the soup”). However, it isn’t really a Wodehouse pastiche, except in the sense that the author is obviously very fond of Wodehouse, and it shares the same kind of wry humour and madcap plot lines.

I really enjoyed Alan’s curiously old-fashioned adventures, and genuinely laughed out loud at some passages. The end slightly fizzled out, but there was just enough momentum to get you over the finish line.

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