Man of Steel (2013)

This film is a good example of why throwing budget at a film does not make a good film. It’s flabby (too long by about 45 minutes in my view), has odd pacing, hugely expensive action sequences that I felt I have already seen in many other films, and a kind of humourless, emotional blankness throughout.

Henry Cavill does a decent job, but the script/plot is so dire that there’s little he can do to save the film. Similarly, Amy Adams makes a gutsy and believable Lois Lane, but again, she can’t save the film.

The main fight scene in Metropolis is just laughable: Superman and General Zod chuck trucks, buildings and other bits of huge debris around, destroying whole blocks of the city, and presumably killing hundreds or thousands of people. Superman seems not to realise that he could take the fight to a less populated area, and cause less collateral damage.

The only scene I thought was original and vaguely thought-provoking was one when he was a young boy in school, and was panicking because he was overwhelmed by the sensory overload of his super hearing, x-ray vision and so on. Other than that, the whole film felt like a more glitzy, expensive, boring version of the old, Christopher Reeve, Superman films.

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