Love is Strange (2014)

Such a sad, sweet, tender film. Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) have been together for decades, but finally get married. Unfortunately, this leads to George being fired from his teaching job at a Catholic school, and they can no longer afford their apartment. Each has to live (separately) with friends, while they look for cheaper accommodation where they can be together.

The film deals brilliantly with the difficult situation they find themselves in. Their friends obviously love them, but the arrangements naturally put a strain on everyone’s relationships. It also shows how hard Ben and George find it to be apart after so long together, and Lithgow and Molina are convincingly devoted to one another.

The other thing I like about this film is that it is simply a love story. True, the fact that they are gay is what precipitates the deus ex machina that forces them to live apart, but the film isn’t really about a gay love story, just a love story between two people who happen to be gay. It’s a beautiful film that I would like to watch again, and has a lovely Chopin-infused soundtrack.

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