A fascinating photo project in which the photographer (Angélica Dass, I think) takes portraits of people, samples the colour of their skin and then adds that Pantone colour as a backdrop. Each portrait is taken in the same way: a straight on head and shoulders shot, with no clothing in the frame, and each is labelled only with the Pantone colour.

I love the fact that the sitters seem to be ordinary people rather than professional models, and the fact that the coloured backdrops make it clear once and for all that no-one is white” or black”.

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It’s funny how your appreciation of a piece of art changes once you know more about the artist’s inspiration for that piece. I watched a wonderful BBC Four documentary about Delius last night. I knew very little about Delius before the programme, and although I had heard a few of his pieces and liked them, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of his repertoire. The documentary made me think that I should certainly seek out more of his work: he was a fascinating character (if not always a likeable person), and his music was rather avant-garde for the time.
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This is a 57 second gem of comedy timing. Absolutely perfect.