Madame Vastra

I really enjoyed the last Doctor Who episode before the break (‘A Good Man Goes to War’), and my guess about the outcome of the was totally wrong.

However, what I thought was even more brilliant were the brilliantly detailed cameo parts, in which we caught up with characters who had met the Doctor before and who owed him a favour. Some of these were wonderfully drawn, with tantalising hints about what they had been getting up to.

In particular, I think that the Silurian Madame Vastra, and her human maid (though one senses she is more than a maid) Jenny could form a spin-off series all on their own. A reptilian alien who solves crimes in Victorian London, carries swords and sometimes eats the perpetrators? Check. A tough and cheeky human sidekick called Jenny who masquerades as her maid, but is a lot more than that? Check. Amusing banter when one of them gets all species-ist’? Check.

It would be terrific, like an all-female version of Sherlock. With reptiles. If they could somehow work Ada Lovelace in as well, it would be perfect.

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