n. a game played while stuck with someone you don’t know in which players toss increasingly random questions back and forth in a blind effort to detect shared interests, a game of conversational Battleship that continues until you realize that their interests are all bunched together in beet farming, the hurdy-gurdy, or shower curtain rings.

Hey! What’s wrong with the hurdy-gurdy?


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I am very fond of The Wurzels. They have been going forever, and they seem to have an absolute blast when they perform. Bonus points to them for deflating any pretentious hipsterism by appending a series of “Ooo Arrr Ooo Arrr’s” on the end of the Kaiser Chief’s “Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby” chorus.
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Faced with Dorries’ cavalier approach to science-based policy, it’s hard for the rational voter to imagine a worse candidate for a position on the health select committee, but the Conservative Party has managed it, with a second seat on the committee handed to the extraordinary character…