The problem with haircut specifications

Defective Yeti is on brilliant form with Haircut 2.0:

They wouldn’t even give me a haircut at first; I had to go through a consultation”. The stylist who drew the short straw came out and asked me a number of questions only slightly less than that found on the LSAT. To each I provided the same reply: just do whatever you think is best.” At one point she even asked me if I wanted a clipper and scissors cut or just clippers” and I explained that this was like me asking my grandfather if he wanted his email delivered via POP or IMAP. Haha, just kidding. Actually I said, just do whatever you think is best”.
Go and read the whole thing, it’s brilliant.
I go to the hairdressers slightly more often than that, but I have the same kind of communication problem. On the one hand, I have a vague idea what I’d like my hair to look like, but I don’t have any of the right terminology that would allow me to transmit this mental image to the hairdresser. On the few occasions that I have stumbled across a bit of hairdressing jargon (for example: vertical bob’), I’ve managed - without having any understanding of what the jargon means - to use it like a secret password to get a haircut approximating the kind of thing I had in mind.

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