Birmingham City Council removes apostrophes from road signs


So to make things simpler, Birmingham City Council has decided road signs and place names should not have apostrophes.

After years spent arguing the finer points of whether Kings Heath should be King’s Heath, or even Kings’ Heath, and if it would be better to call Acock’s Green Acocks Green, local authority leaders have concluded the safest thing is not to bother at all.

All remaining apostrophes will disappear as signs are replaced, and English language pedants hoping for a return to the days of Druid’s Heath and King’s Norton are being warned to expect to be disappointed.

Since the original meaning of the possessive form has been lost in the case of these placenames, I don’t see what all the fuss is about, but I can tell that it will turn into another Winterval…

Apparently, Ordnance Survey dropped the apostrophes in place names a while ago. I can’t say that I’d noticed.

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