A small medallion—discovered tightly crumpled around a screw in a World War II British Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC fighter—also ended up teasing the restorers with possible storylines. Museum Specialist Will Lee, who found the medal while working on the Hawker restoration, took the time to straighten it out, make it recognizable, and do some investigating. It’s actually a watch fob,” says Lee. In the course of researching the item, Lee learned the meaning of the medallion’s icons: The anchor symbol means it was made in Birmingham, England. The lion indicates that it’s made of silver, and the letter corresponds to a date—in this case, 1915.” But who had owned the medallion? A pilot? A maintainer? A person of wealth? And why was it wrapped around a screw?

How wonderful. There’s a gripping yarn to be spun from that find.

Air & Space Magazine, via BoingBoing.net


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